Kamis, 23 Juni 2016

Is it possible to open an Evernote link in Evernote app on Android?

Quick Update (July 3rd, 2016) 
Evernote team replied my problem and resolved it on Twitter. This is how I did it. Click Join Notebooks. Then Sync it in Android's Evernote app. Done! It worked! Thank you Evernote! I LOVE Evernote!

I wrote this to answer Evernote's tweet, so that a techie guy at Evernote could simulate this again to help me. I use Android Lollipop. Lenovo Vibe P1M.

You can click the screenshot to enlarge it.

I looked at Evernote's tweet. I tapped a link from Evernote's tweet.

 My Twitter app on Android open it still on My Twitter app.
I tapped the three dots on the top right.

 I chose Chrome Browser to let Google track that I like Evernote, besides Google Keep and MS OneNote 2016.

I read the whole article about forevernote.

I tapped the link to Evernote's post in 2009. An article about someone's grandma's handwriting recipes.

I read the whole article.

I wanted to follow the note he shared. But after I tapped that link ...

 Instead of being brought to Evernote application that I had installed on my Android smartphone, I was brought to Evernote Web. It's okay to use Evernote Web on my 27" Desktop or even my 13" laptop. But ... this is 5" smartphone.

 The font was so tiny I could hardly read them.

I wonder if after I tapped that link to an Evernote's note, can my Android bring me to open my Evernote app, that I installed on this android smartphone, instead of browser? How can I set it so?

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