Jumat, 12 Februari 2016


At first, I felt afraid to purchase anything from Bhinneka Marketplace, because I have read so many bad reviews from other customers about faked iPhone, and I have bad experiences purchasing from one or some Merchants at Bhinneka, be it no product (in my case, Stylus) but I had already transferred my money, so that I had to wait for Bhinneka to transfer my money back, etc, etc, just like right now, I'm waiting for Bhinneka to transfer back my money 62,000 because that merchant didn't give me an invoice and of course didn't send me the product I paid. I tried avoiding dealing with any merchants if possible. Why? To keep peaceful! However, I found Anylinx is one of the hottest Merchants at Bhinneka, besides Anylinx has been always at Bhinneka front page, so I thought why not give it a try?

I just didn't have this same problem with Anylinx. Bhinneka Sales Consultant, Pak Fauzi, helped me purchasing the LAN cable cat 7 that I needed on Jan 30th, 2016, and then this LAN cable arrived at my place on Feb 3rd, 2016.

Anylinx, I'm sold. Repeat Order? Yes, for sure!

For other Bhinneka customers who live outside Java island, you don't need to feel worried dealing with Anylinx. As long as the product you purchase is the right product you need, I don't think you'll find any trouble.

As usual, I also put my review on my blog, in case I need to update my review.


UPDATE 3 Mar 2016

Bhinneka appeared to give my money back on 11 Feb 2016.

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